söndag 20 juni 2010

How to cycle

To cycle in rain really improves your imagination. Except the practic inventions - how to handle the bike, the umbrella, the bag, and at the same time try to see who you are running over - it also creates a bit, well, different conception of the world.
...It's summer rain, the heavy sort. I am cycling from point A to point B, the only disadvantage of whom is that they are located on opposite sides of the town. My bag is filled with sweets I just got from a friend, and the freewheeling me is hiding under a pink umbrella.
At first I feel all that gone-with-the-wind and soaking-wet-very-soon, but it becomes boring. My association ability startes to tickle my imagination. Here we have it, Scarlet Sails (Алые Паруса)...!
The umbrella is the satine sails, the puddles and the water flow is the Atlantic Ocean, and I am the graceful ship, making my way through the tornados, coral reefs and Bermuda. The sweets in my bag are those important, first potatoes that are to be delievered to Europe... Well, potatoes are not from the same story, but it makes the whole thing more dramatic.
There I was, cruising, when my tremendous adventure suddenly came to an end: it just stopped raining in the most rude and boring way. So, I packed my sails and transformed to an ordinary cyclist, one of those Whoevers on the way Wherever. The curtains fell with a mournful sound of "aloha". I think I heard Peter Pan cry.